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    How Long is a Presentation?

    You can schedule a speaking engagement by: Hour, Half Day, & Full Day. Details on traveling and meals can be discussed by email or phone. 

    Are there multiple types of presentations available?

    There are a wide variety of presentations available pending on the needs of your business. These presentations can be found below, more details can be offered by email or over phone. 

    1. The Covered Smile
    2. Psychology Behind The Covered Smile
    3. Treatment Planning Without Guilt
    4.  Stopping The Gossip Before it Spins
    5. I am Just a Dental Assistant, Not!!!
    6. Dealing With Upset Patients

    Can i get a bulk discount for The Covered Smile?

    There are discounts available for bulk orders of The Covered Smile. these discounts must be discussed directly with Ms. Lauren via email or phone. 

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