The True Story.....

To the millions of children and adults whose silent screams go unheard. To the ones who hold within them a sea of unshed tears, and to those who are ashamed of their very existence. 

Speaking Events

June 7th 2019 | Speaking Consulting Network: Kansas City

Fall 2019 | Mississippi School of Dentistry

Fall 2019 | Chesterfield Technical Center: Richmond, VA


Sonja does not just speak about dental issues. Sonja has lived it. Her personal experiences and the impacts they have had on her life are far deeper than any of us will ever know. So many times, speakers, consultants, and experts are recommended based on their academic or business knowledge. Sonja moves people to take action because she has that unique ability to truly convey to her audiences what her life has been like and how that has shaped her passion to help those in need.

“Her words and the sharing of her experiences can help you.”

Richard D. Shinn
Director of Government Affairs
Virginia Community Healthcare Association

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