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The Covered Smile

  1. The Covered Smile – Captivating account of the Author surviving childhood dental neglect and wearing dentures at 13 years and 3 months of age. Inspirational, educational and a lecture you will not soon forget.

2. The Psychology Behind The Covered Smile – An inside look of the effects of dental neglect upon the life of the Author, and a testament of how important dental careers really are.


3. Dealing With The Angry Patient, And Not Losing Your Cool Or Smile – This lecture offers helpful tips on how to handle upset patients with a smile, grace and dignity.

4. Treatment Planning Without Guilt – A fun filled lecture, which will help staff members become more confident and comfortable presenting treatment plans, increase production for the practice and help patients gain the dental care they need.

5. Stopping The Gossip Wheel Before It Spins Out Of Control – Increase production and provide an excellent atmosphere for your patients and staff.


6. I Am Just A Dental Assistant-Not! – This lecture is designed to bring light to the critical importance of the role of dental assisting.

Today, Ms. Lauren’s speaking engagements are a personal and powerful testimony about the importance of good oral health and the role of those working within dentistry.  Ms. Lauren’s ability to captivate, mesmerize, and educate her audiences, has created a mass call for her lectures across America since the release of The Covered Smile in 2003. 

Upcoming Events

Jan 2 | Dalls Texas | Hilton Inn

March 3 | Hersey Pa. | Mariot Juliet

March 3 | Hersey Pa. | Mariot Juliet

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